Sleeves to Protect Arms From Cuts, Burns, and Needles

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Sleeves to Protect Arms From Cuts, Burns, and Needles

Defend your arms from cuts, abrasions, burns or thermal heat at work with protective sleeves.


Why Wear Arm Protection?

All too often workers are only concerned with hand protection, not realizing that cuts or burns to the arms are unnecessary and preventable. Protective sleeves for your arms eliminate on-the-job hazards and are available in a variety of lengths and styles.


What Types of Safety Sleeves Exist?

Kezzled manufacturers a variety of safety sleeves with a variety of materials. This includes Kezzled® sleeves for cuts and burns, Kelvar® sleeves for cut resistance, and Spectra® for puncture protection, as well as more traditional cotton protective sleeves for light-duty protection.

What’s Unique About Kezzled Glove® Protective Sleeves?

On top of the offerings that are now standard in arm protection like optional thumbhole to better secure the sleeve and prevent slippage when reaching up, Kezzled Glove manufacturers protective sleeves in a variety of lengths. Whether you only require enough protection to keep your forearm safe or you need coverage up to your shoulder, we can provide that.

Seeing a market need for more comfortable, form-fitting sleeves, we began developing tapered knit styles, fit better than the traditional tubular knit style. To prevent these sleeves from slipping down your arm, we have incorporated STAYz-UP™ technology into all of our tapered and some tubular styles to give you more comfortable arm protection that you’ll look forward to wearing.

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