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Kezzled LLC is a leading Technical Textile manufacturing & sourcing Company based at US, having dedicated manufacturing in Pakistan. The Company is established & operated by Textiles & IT professionals, who are serving to Industry since 1990 in different capacities and having vast experience and knowledge about Textile processes & product development starting from spinning to finish products with complete quality perception.

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KEZZLED®- Knitted Plain Oven BBQ Gloves, These Grill gloves are Heat/Flame/Cut Resistant with Two Layers of High-Quality Safety Use Indoor and Outdoor Cooking both– Black - EN407 Tested Level 3, 662°F 15s+)

Kezzled® BBQ Cut, flame, and heat-resistant gloves are designed to provide maximum protection when handling hot and sharp objects during Indoor and outdoor cooking activities. These gloves are made with two layers of high-quality, a highly durable and heat-resistant material that offers exceptional protection against cuts, flames, and extreme temperatures. The outer layer of the gloves is made of Kevlar...
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Muhammad Sadiq JavedCEO
Raees AhmedCOO