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We produce Personal Protective Garment by utilizing world renowned advance technical textiles materials like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Spectra®, Coolmax®, Lycra®, Glass®, Cordura® & Lenzing FR Viscose®. This will be based on our commitment to develop products and offer services that will help significantly improve safety in critical environments.

To ensure that we meet the quality we promise to deliver to our customers. Our QC team has geared up at the philosophy that controls the online quality by monitor the manufacturing process from start to end during the production and identify & rectify the product during the production. We are constantly arranging and attending the quality related trainings and seminars for our QC team to improve their vision and skills so they can better handle the orders of our customers.

Happy bug

I’ve mowed about 20 acres of native grass and disc about the same under very dusty conditions. After years of paying by days of sneezing and sniffing after late summer mowing and other farm related activities, this is the most comfortable and effective dust protection I’ve used. I liked it so well, I bought a second! Because it breathes my googles don’t fog up. I look like a bug but this bug can breathe!

Andrea bomar
Great at keeping the sun off your face and no sunburn, on the plus side no beard in the face!!

I used this on a 4500 mile cross country motorcycle journey, it done the job well, I am 6'4" 250 with a full beard, and it was great , a little tight first day , but stretched out and felt great day 2 on, I washed nightly and let dry on the counter, I really liked it, but it is getting four stars because the stitching came loose and wore thru on the trip,

Young's Farm
It is well made, but I like the old school headbands

Fits perfectly on someone with a large hat size. I live on a farm and change headbands 3 or 4 times a day. It's not the headband/bandana I wanted. But, a good quality, versatile product that is probably better than what I want: lighter and better protection of scalp from sun. Wearing it under a hat has been perfect. Reorders are in my future if the "old school", cotton bandanas with insect guard cannot be found. It is seamless but well done on each end with a seam-like finish. A few washings without knotting, shrinking, fading, picking, or unraveling. I sprayed mine with a clothing insect guard.

Jeffery Vaughn
starsComfortable and breathable

Most of these are too heavy for me and I have a hard time breathing, But these are just right. I use it for my morning runs. I have asthma and a little bit of warmth keeps my asthma from bothering me and my lungs from hurting. And also keeps pollen out. Perfect for my needs , works like a charm .

would be just ok if they didn't put a tag fastener through fabric

What genius decided to put a fastener through the very thin fragile fabric??? None of my Buffs and cheap ebay tubes came with tags fastened to them. Fabric quality is exactly the same as $1 ebay tubes. Because of welded edges it feels tight for an average head/face so i would only wear it as a bandana or headband. Shorter than original buff, slightly shorter than cheap ebay tubes. Returning.

Katherine Zon Clavel
to use for Coachella and I thought it worked pretty great! It was a hot weekend and it ...

I bought this to use for Coachella and I thought it worked pretty great! It was a hot weekend and it made my neck feel a little warm, but that wasn't too much of a problem since it worked well as a mask, especially since it gets super windy and dusty out there. It was also a lifesaver when it came to using the camping port-a-potties or whenever I was standing around a little too much cigarette smoke!
Hoping to use it for future events, hikes and camping trips!!

Amazon Customer
Expect to receive used product

These arrived inside out in the package. That should have been the tip off. When I put them on, I reached in the pocket and found a used bobby pin. This is disgusting. I expected new, unused pants. I otherwise like them but the idea of wearing pants worn buy someone else long enough to use it for hair items was too much.

Jesse Shiyou
Champagne pockets

I was skeptical about buying these pants as I am about most exercise clothing online. I got them in and wore them for a run. After my run I celebrated with champagne. Low and behold.... these pants fit a whlole bottle of champagne in the pocket! This was a phenomenal feature! Since then, my run times have improved tremendously. I highly recommend these pants for this feature alone.

comfy phone-carrying pocket running capri

As an avid runner, I am always looking for a comfortable breathable lightweight capri. I always carry my phone so I can listen to my downloaded running playlist. The bilateral side pockets carry my iPhone 7 well without pulling down for my longer distant runs due to the higher reinforced waist. I am 5", and 115lbs and these fit perfectly. The material provides good coverage where the underwear and lines don't show through. The compression is not bad, not too tight, and definitely not loose. The material is also comfortable soft and wicks moisture away nicely. The cut and material pattern is very flattering, and I appreciate the reinforced stitching. Since I live in the desert, the winters are mild in the evening so these provide some coverage and warmth needed when the evening temp is in the lower to mid-60s/ upper 50s outside. I don't feel these would provide the thicker warmth required in the colder weather but it works for where I live. I am definitely getting more pairs in different colors.

E. JenSnave
Just right!

These pants are really comfy and the pockets are awesome. Even my 9 yr old daughter was impressed when I slipped my phone in one. (iPhone 6, but room for a bigger phone for sure.) They seemed to have the ever so slightest bit of slippage in the waist after wearing a few hours but were still good.